Sunday, October 26, 2008

House of Clocks(1989)

A gang of vicious young punks break into the house of an elderly couple, terrorize, and then murder them. Suddenly, the clocks in the house begin to run backwards, and the dead come back for revenge!

Here Fulci is at it again. This time he succeeds. HOUSE OF CLOCKS is not really a zombie film but Fulci still manages to throw them in. It starts out pretty tame but quickly descends into the madness we know Fulci for. A film with worthwhile acting, decent dubbing, and an ace writing team. It wasn't scary per say but it had a pretty creepy vibe to go along with it. There is a scene with a cat that makes me sick, but it does not go unpunished. Fulci's misogynistic ways show through once again, occasionally making the viewer uncomfortable. However the film can still be enjoyed. The average viewer would probably enjoy it, and the Fulci addict will love it. A film that showed Fulci still had it in him.

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