Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blood and Black Lace(1964)

One of the first Giallos, from notorious Italian director Mario Bava. The famed director of Black Sunday, Black Sabbath, Bay Of Blood(A.K.A. Twitch of the Death Nerve) and The Girl Who Knew Too Much. The film revolves around a group of unscrupulous fashion models. We start to see how "innocent" the women really are. One by one they are killed off in creative ways. What follows is an hour and a half, of a complex, well developed story, all around superb acting, and a killer twist to remember. The camera work that Bava achieves is stunningly beautiful, and the different shots chosen work great for their purposes. Although, the killer's getup is not extremely complex, it is still one creepy and menacing costume, and a getup used quite often in later Giallos. The sub stories were very interesting even if occasionally they got in the way. The ending was in my opinion monumental, and very well thought out. I would give this film, 4 and a half stars.

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